Robert Marlow – The Future (CD Album – Electro-Shock-Records)

By Jul 24,2013

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This 7-track mini album is the follow-up to 2009’s “Inside/Outside” holding an exclusive Vince Clarke remix of “No Heart” next to 6 new tracks. Marlow has been digging into the records of his favorite artists because I recognize a few influences in there that seem too big a coincidence. Check out the 70’s Bryan Ferry like powered “Attitude” for instance or “Smile” that has this Feargal Sharkey atmosphere over it and you’ll probably wonder the same. However, it gives the material a nice touch that mixes well with the more typical Marlow songs like “Too Far” or the delicious “The Future” which emanates the perfect balance and which could have been one of Erasure’s best tracks. Comes yet another great track, “Love By Degrees” which is a typical Yazoo style-like song, you can’t deny your origins of course. The bonus remix of “No Heart” (the B-side to the 1983 single “I Just Want To Dance” out on Reset Records) as done by Vince Clarke was actually made in 2001 and sounds to me a bit dated, but still enjoyable. I say ‘dated’ because I don’t really like the used drum patterns, they remind me too much of those used back in time. For your info, Reset Records was set up by Vince Clarke and Eric Radcliffe and was active between 1983-1985.

This release will be followed by the remix album “The Future – Remixes” holding remixes by such artists like Diskodiktator, Framework, Cobalt 60/K-Bereit, Eddie Bengtsson (Page /SMP), Per Aksel Lundgreen (ex-Apoptygma Berzerk), Kellertechnik, KATelectric and many more.

Conclusion: If you are looking for unpretentious synthpop in the vein of the early Erasure or Yazoo, Marlow might well offer your perfect doses.

Best songs: “The Future”, “Love By Degrees”, “Attitude”

Rate: (BVI:7/8)BVI.


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