Reliant – Songs From The Heart Of Solitude (CD Album – Space Race Records)

By May 5,2019

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Genre/Influences: Electro-pop, body-pop.

Background/Info: Reliant is the solo-project of Ole Ulrich Jensen who you might know from his involvement with Vaylon. This album is the debut work of the Danish artist. It has been mixed and mastered by Rob Early (Retrogramme).

Content: “Songs From The Heart Of Solitude” takes off a rather delicate and sensual way, clearly reflecting electro-pop influences. The album is filled with melancholic passages, but still harder EBM-inspired cuts. The album doesn’t sound like a stereotypical electro-pop release, but brings a refreshing touch to the genre. The songs are worked-out, sometimes reminding me of Neuroactive.

+ + + : This work is not a new electro-pop stereotype, but mixes the best of electro-pop together with some harder EBM-driven bass lines. Some of the songs are pretty sensual-like while others reflect a darker and melancholic taste. The sensuality is mainly emerging from the vocals’ production. The songwriting reveals maturity and diversity.

– – – : I don’t have any doubts about the mixing and mastering skills of Rob Early, but I get the feeling some of the opening songs could have been more efficient. The sound is rather unpolished although it might be intentional. I also noticed a song with a fade-out, which I never have considered a great trick. 

Conclusion: Reliant has accomplished a noticeable debut album. There are several pretty cool songs featured at the album and even a few potential hits.

Best songs: “My Entangled Soul”, “Self-Preservation”, “Shield Of Shame”, “In The Morning”, “High Hopes And Disappointments”.

Rate: (8).


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