Red Zebra – Songs And Stripes 1980 – 2020 (Album – Wool-E Discs)

By Feb 23,2021

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Genre/Influences: Cold-Wave, Post-Punk, Wave-Rock.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: No need to introduce Red Zebra to the Belgian 80s fans while I still don’t understand why this band never gained a wider international recognition. As the title of the album indicates, this is a compilation work featuring some of the band’s main songs composed between 1980 and 2020. This new compilation features one ‘new’ song, which also is the first one in years. 

Content: Red Zebra’s sound was characterized by the typical ‘dark’ and ‘cold’ sphere from the 80s; a pure mix between Cold-Wave and Post-Punk exposed in some legendary songs such as “I Can’t Live In A Living Room”, “Bastogne”, “The Ultimate Stranger”, “The Art Of Conversation”, “Man Comes From Ape” and “Polar Club”. Later songs such as “Spit On The City”, “Beirut By Night” and “Don’t Put Your Head In A Bucket” revealed a somewhat more pronounced Rock approach. The album also features 3 live songs performed in the band’s hometown, Bruges, in 2019 plus a new song “My Boss The Robot”.

+ + + : Red Zebra is Belgian history, but still one of our most prominent and successful bands in the genre. A band with hits, which still 40 years later bring people to dance. Red Zebra is part of my teen years, but also remains one of the bands that made me like this kind of music. A dark and critical perception of society with a touch of humor on top and performed by a great front man, Peter Slabbynck. Powerful drums, low bass lines, menacing and dark guitar play and charismatic vocals are the essence of this group! The new song “My Boss, The Robot” has a rather catchy touch, but still holding on the ‘punk’ spirit of the band!

– – – : If there’s one personal regret I can think of, I should say I’m missing my all-time favorite Red Zebra song, “Always”!

Conclusion: This new Red Zebra compilation is for sure the ultimate homage to a piece of Belgian music culture!

Best songs: “The Art Of Conversation”, “I Can’t Live In A Living Room”, “Polar Club”, “The Ultimate Stranger”.

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