Pouppée Fabrikk hit back with a 2-track single: ‘Only Control’ (including a Spetsnaz remix!)

By Nov 1,2019

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Pouppée Fabrikk hit back with a 2-track single:'Only Control' (including a Spetsnaz remix!)

This came as a nice surprise this morning. Out of the blue Sweden’s EBM legends from Pouppée Fabrikk hit straight back with a new 2-track single, “Only Control” via Bandcamp. The new single holds 2 tracks, the album version and an exclusive remix version by Spetsnaz!

Pouppée Fabrikk was formed in 1988 by Henrik Björkk and Leif Holm, who both hail from Karlskoga. Initially, the music of Pouppée Fabrikk (PF) borrowed heavily from minimalistic electronic acts such as Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft and Nitzer Ebb, but with the addition of Jouni Olilla and Jonas Aneheim on guitar PF moved towards a more Die Krupps-style electronic/metal mix. They returned completely back to their roots later on with the release of “Dirt”, which was actually consisted of revamped demos, in 2013 and with the singles “Bring Back The Ways Of Old” and “H8 U” both also released in 2013. “Only Control” thus consists of the first all new material since 1998.

You can download the 2-track single below or via Bandcamp.


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