Available for free download: Aesthetische’s track ‘Berlin’ (Face The Beat: Session 5 profile series)

By Nov 1,2019

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Donate and keep us up and running! Thanks!

Available for free download: Aesthetische's track'Berlin' (Face The Beat: Session 5 profile series)

The 3rd track on our free (or pay-what-you-want to support our charity work) download compilation “Face The Beat: Session 5” is by the Brazilian duo Aesthetische. Aesthetische is actually the duo behind the now defunct but famous EBM act Aghast View aka Guilherme Pires and Fabricio Viscardi. In the past we also featured them with the track “Byprodukt” taken from their 2014 album “Hybridcore”.

“Berlin” shows clearly where their musical roots lay, but they upgrade it with high production standards and extremely catchy synth hooks. What if Front 242 would release “Front By Front” nowadays? Well, this is probably what you would get! There are not many bands which have such a high productional standard and it shows in the end result you get to hear on the track the band offered for this Face The Beat compilation.

You can check out the band’s complete discography right here(where you can also purchase it). The band debuted with “Powerswitch [LTDPWR] ” in 2012, which was followed 2 years later by “HybridCore”. This year the band released the “Co3xist3ns3” album from which the track “Berlin” was taken.

Check “Face The Beat: Session 5” on Bandcamp to discover the other bands. All donations will go to charity.


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