Post-punk/darkwave act Twin Tribes announce new remix album ‘Altars’

By Feb 11,2021

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Post-punk/darkwave act Twin Tribes announce new remix album'Altars'

Post-Punk/Darkwave artists Twin Tribes are back with a remix album. “Altars” is the follow-up to their sophomore album “Ceremony” and features a myriad of artists from the post-punk, darkwave scene remixing songs off Twin Tribes’ debut album “Shadows and Ceremony”.

Altars features remixes from She Past Away, Ash Code, Bootblacks, Wingtips and more and can be pore-ordered now.

“Altars” will be released April 9th through Negative Gain (North America), Manic Depression Records (France), and Young & Cold Records (Germany) on CD, Vinyl, and digitally.

Select remixes can be heard via the pre-order link.


  1. The River (Skeleton Hands Remix)
  2. Tower of Glass (Geometric Visions Remix)
  3. Dark Crystal (Luz Futuro Remix)
  4. Fantasmas (Ash Code Remix)
  5. Perdidos (Cult of Alia Remix)
  6. Upir (NITE Remix)
  7. Exilio (Wingtips Remix)
  8. Shadows (Matte Blvck Remix)
  9. Still in Still (Dave Parley Remix)
  10. Portal to the Void (She Past Away Remix)
  11. Avalon (Bootblacks Remix)
  12. Talisman (Creux Lies Remix)

About Twin Tribes

Twin Tribes is a Dark Synth / Post Punk duo based in Brownsville, Texas. Formed by Luis Navarro (vocals, guitar, synth, drum machines) and Joel Niño, Jr. (bass, synth, vocals) in 2017.

The band gathers their influences from the period of the dark 80’s. Dark Wave, Post-Punk and Cold Wave are genres that the band summon using analog synthesizers and drum machines. Dark melodic sounds, lyrics of the undead, the occult and parallel universes are what conjure Twin Tribes.


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