Polygon – Einzelheiten (CD Album – Aliens Production)

By Aug 6,2016

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Genre/Influences: Electro-ambient, minimal-electronics, IDM.

PolygonBackground/Info: Former Mortal Constraint-member Ingo Lindmeier has already been active under the Polygon moniker for several years now, but he made a noticeable comeback with the “Sein Lernen”-album released last year on Aliens Productions. This album got exposed to remixes on the next album (cf. “Sein Lernen Remixes”), but Polygon is already back on track unleashing a new work featuring 12 songs.

Content: Ingo Lindmeier truly is a real talented sound architect. This artist clearly focuses on the power and magic of unique sound treatments he used to compose a modern and visionary sound. The work remains pretty minimal and clearly moves on the edge of experimental music. It’s a sophisticated composition moving from IDM into glitch. The minimal approach reveals a few industrial elements as well while it all sounds very ambient-like as well. The slow cadence makes it all pretty accessible.

“Einzelheiten” is made of great sound waves and impressive blasting bass sounds. A few more subtle sounds, which makes me think to a kind of porcelain treatment reveal a more fragile, but deeply artistic approach. Behind the glitch element is hiding an impressive sonic spectrum of multiple noises and fine electronic arrangements.

+ + + : Polygon once again confirms this fine taste of decomposing and recomposing. This is an album made of brilliant and unique sounds and intelligent noises. “Einzelheiten” is the symbiosis between ambient, industrial, and electro. It’s an album filled with multiple sonic details and sophisticated arrangements.

– – – : The complexity of the work probably will may be an obstacle for some narrow-minded music lovers. Even if this kind of composition sounds more accessible then pure experimentalism, it will be first of all meant to seduce a restricted number of music freaks.

Conclusion: Ingo Lindmeier is a real talented sound sculptor and his newest creation again sounds like a genius artwork made mainly driven through the passion of music and noises.

Best songs: “Unterhaltung”, “Raumteiler”, “Gedankengut”, “Augenblicke”, “Vorspiel”.

Rate: (8).


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