Plazmabeat – Plazmapop / Selection 2011 – 2015 (CD Album – Advoxya Records)

By Mar 2,2016

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Genre/Influences: Synth-pop.

PlazmabeatBackground/Info: Plazmabeat is a Hungarian duo set up by Niki Laczó (vocals) and Grag Velvet (music & lyrics). The band has been busy for a couple of years now and have mainly produced self-releases. “Plazmapop” is a kind of ‘best of’ taken from both previously released digital albums.

Content: Plazmabeat deals with a kind of ‘happy’ synth-pop music. You now and then will notice a melancholic touch, but globally speaking this is a catchy production that makes you feel good. There’re some interesting and artistic elements added by real instruments like guitar, saxophone ao. The composition sounds sweet and delicate, and features all the essential ingredients to achieve an alluring electro-pop work.

Some of their most catchy parts remind me a bit of Elegant Machinery, which is more than simply a reference in the genre. There’s this little retro feeling that brings us back to late 80s music. The happy-pop style at “Ajándék” reminds me of Sandra for some of the arrangements.

One of the most noticeable characteristics however appears to be the vocals and especially the Hungarian language. It’s really particular and not that typical, but it’s appreciable.

+ + + : This is a mature and accomplished work, which thanks to Advoxya Records will be hopefully discovered by numerous synth-pop lovers. Plazmabeat is a real cool surprise.

– – – : This album is missing a potential hit. There are several cool songs, but not the kind of synth-pop tune you’ll keep in mind and a catchy chorus inviting you to sing together with the band.

Conclusion: Hungary and synth-pop music was a rather surreal match until I discovered Plazmabeat revealing a fully enjoyable work.

Best songs: “Lelkünk Könyvei, “Ráncok – 2015 Re-mix”, “Napkelet”.

Rate: (7). / /



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