Phosgore – Pestbringer (CD Album – ProNoize)

By Jun 30,2015

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Genre/Influences: Industrial-rave, dark-electro-techno.

PhosgoreContent: Florian- and Sonja Dietz are back on track having accomplished their 3rd full length to date (the 2nd one for Sonja). It’s already 4 years ago that they released the “Warhead”-album, which confirmed the growing status of Phosgore.

It seems that the ‘pest’ theme works pretty inspiring for German dark-electro bands this year. After the great “Pest”-album by Acylum we now get “Pestbringer” by Phosgore. Both bands are active in a similar scene although the inspiration is a bit different. Phosgore more sounds like one of the little brothers of Noisuf-X. The sounds pumping through this work, but it also is a technoid/rave experiment.

“Pestbringer” stands for a wild trip throughout wild and dark rave fields. The intro-cut sounds dark and is like announcing a malediction. You’ll notice crows, which are come back on “Here Comes The Pain”, which is the real take off. We directly enter the industrial-rave style of Phosgore, which makes no compromises.

The technoid touch is quite present the entire album long. It’s one of the main strengths of this work, but still a trap as well. It sometimes sounds a bit too easy and cliché, but “Pestbringer” has clearly been composed for dancefloors. From that perspective I can only assure you that “Pestbringer” is a hot and contaminating work!

The tracks are succeeding each other in a devilish tempo. Bouncing beats feel like commanding you to dance. “Aggression Incarnate” and “Noise Monsters” both are dancefloor killers! The stumping beats feel a bit like vitriol while the deep bass lines are rather simplistic, but filled with explosive power. Raw technoid manipulations and a few samplings do the rest.

Phosgore might be the ‘little brother’ of Noisuf-X, but this duo clearly sounds more into rave. This band moves at a dangerous border where they’ll not be accompanied by all fans of dark-electronics, but on the other hand they for sure will convince other music lovers. I personally like this challenge of bringing different influences and styles together. It feels creative and inspiring, but probably not timeless!

Conclusion: Phosgore confirms their taste for hard-hitting industrial-rave compositions and “Pestbringer” definitely has hit the target in the midst.

Best songs: “Noise Monsters”, “Aggression Incarnate”, “Pestbringer”, “Countdown To Destruction”, “Here Comes The Pain”.

Rate: (DP:8)DP.

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