Phonothek – Red Moon (Digital Album – Cryo Chamber)

By Jul 8,2017

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Genre/Influences: Dark-ambient, dark experimental-jazz.

Background/Info: One year after the successful debut work “Lost In Fog” the Ukrainian Phonothek strikes back with a new opus (released as digital work only).

Content: One of the main characteristics of the debut work was the trumpet playing, which was referring to jazz influences. I didn’t exactly notice the link with jazz music, but I have to admit it’s an aspect that comes more through on “Red Moon”. The industrial jazz format has been mixed with traditional dark-ambient influences. All elements together create a paranoid sensation accentuated.

Notice by the way that both opening cuts feature guests. We first get a track together with Keosz and next one with Cities Last Broadcast.

+ + + : “Red Moon” is definitely not a copy of the debut work, but a continuation and move forward. Phonothek’s originality and main strength remains the original format, which moved further than ‘classical’ dark-ambient stuff. The trumpet has a hypnotic feeling, which through some monstrous blasts sounds like announcing a nearby disaster. The visual aspect of the work is another essential element and definitely a required to speak about a successful work in the dark-ambient genre.

– – – : “Red Moon” sounds more experimental and maybe a bit more fragmented than its predecessor. The sound became more complex and sophisticated, but still a little less accessible. I sometimes get the impression to hear a sonic puzzle or –collage while some simplicity would have been more efficient.

Conclusion: Phonothek remains a kind of innovating band dealing with dark-ambient music. Their debut work “Red Moon” will bring you obscure ambient music from another dimension.

Best songs: “Last Melody”, “Come In The Whisper”, “In The Smell Of The Wolves”.

Rate: (7).





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