PCN / Da Pöschl & The Ghosts – Split (Album – Echokammer)

By Aug 10,2021

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Genre/Influences: Experimental, Cinematographic.

Format: Digital, CD, Vinyl.

Background/Info: This is a split album between two German underground artists; Christian Nothaft (PCN) and Albert Pöschl (Da Pöschl –and also Echokammer label owner) composing four and six tracks for this work.

Content: The common element between both artists is the taste for Experimental music creation. PCN sounds more diversified, even adding vocals on the debut track, but progressively mixing his work together with Cinematographic elements.

Da Pöschl & The Ghosts sounds even more diversified, mixing his work with the most influences. It even resulted in a kind of psychedelic Electro-Jazz approach.

+ + + : If you like Minimalism and especially pure Experimental music with some Cinematographic influences on top, this album might be something for you. I like the Experimental/Industrial “10/11” from PCN, which is supported by a great and ominous atmosphere. From Da Pöschl & The Ghosts I would recommend listening to “No Night Touch” for its Psychedelic approach. There’s also something to say about the minimalism of “Beneath The Surface”. 

– – – : This kind of album sounds more for a restricted number of music lovers, kind of initiates.

Conclusion: This split album sounds as an antithesis to established music forms and –standards.

Best songs: “10/11”, “No Night Touch”.

Rate: 6.

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