Pawel Pruski – Between (Album – Krysali Sound)

By Dec 12,2020

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Genre/Influences: Ambient, Experimental.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: Pawel Pruski is a Polish artist who has already achieved a few productions. “Between” is about ‘what lies between the words, between the moments, between the first and the next particle of sound’. The idea behind is more elaborated and transposed into six compositions.

Content: Pruski builds up an ambient sound universe, which has been driven by electronic sound treatments, but also with an impressive arsenal of field recordings. You get the feeling to hear crispy noises and music creating a kind of glasshouse atmosphere. It has a dreamy style resulting in a prosperous moment.

+ + + : I like the relaxing style of the work, but the extra –and noticeable Experimental touch created by the diversified field recordings make the particularity of the work. But everything ends in an evasive experience, which you can dream away. There’s a visual appeal emerging from the songs, which are accomplished with delicacy.

– – – : I regret a few songs aren’t more elaborated. I got the feeling tracks end too rapidly.

Conclusion: “Between” is an invitation to travel and forget the terrible impact of the world we’re living in today.

Best songs: “The Sound Of Oars”, “Scent”.

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