Paul Schütze – The Sky Torn Apart (CD Album – Glacial Movements)

By Sep 9,2018

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Genre/Influences: Soundscape, ambient, experimental.

Background/Info: When Australian artist Paul Schütze released his debut album “Deus Ex Machine” in 1989 on Extreme no one probably thought that this musician should become a reference in experimental and ambient music. Schütze has released numerous productions and worked with some real noticeable artists –and I here especially remember his album together with Lisa Gerrard. Paul Schütze is now back on track and this after a hiatus of 8 years and even longer if it comes to his last solo-album.

Content: “The Sky Torn Apart” totally fits to the conceptual approach of the Italian label Glacial Movements. So the work becomes conceptual as well, a reflection about the world we’re living in and the nature around us. Sound-wise it sometimes makes me think of a space-walk created with surgical electronic noises. Field recordings and an impressive canvas of sounds have been used to bring the listener into a state of pure contemplation. From dreamy passages to definitely darker and even freaky parts, the work reveals only one single cut from nearly 60 minutes.

+ + + : Paul Schütze is a truly sound surgeon. His creation remains faithful to his experimental-ambient creation. He once again excels in the way he’s manipulating noises to become now evasive and then anguishing. I especially like the darker passages featuring crispy noises and dark-humming sound waves. It also remains a work with a strong visual appeal leaving the listener in his own inner world.

– – – : The minimalism and experimental approach of the musician aren’t always easy to seize and to listen to. It’s a very weird trip, which might become a little bit monotonous after a while.

Conclusion: The fans of Paul Schütze will be ravished to discover a new opus from this renowned artist while I also have to congratulate Glacial Movements to have released this album. Paul Schütze is composing again with the same creative mind as in the past.

Best songs: “The Sky Torn Apart”.

Rate: (7).


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