Pas Musique & Rapoon – Composited Reality (Album – Zoharum)

By Mar 9,2020

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Genre/Influences: Experimental, industrial, abstract.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: Robert L. Pepper (Pas Mustique) and Robin Story (Rapoon) have already released three albums together. “Composited Reality” is their last collaboration, which is a live recording from 2017 that took place in New York (USA) and originally released on cassette and USB stick in 2018 by Alrealon Mustique. The work has now been re-released –and this time on CD format, by Zoharum.

Content: You don’t really notice the live recording as there clearly is no interaction with the audience. This album is a sonic puzzle and an enigma as well. It sounds like an immense sonic patchwork between multiple noises. It clearly sounds like improvisation for which the artists have used an impressive arsenal of noises (including field recordings) and manipulated sound treatments. Some passages are easily reminiscent of the ambient side of Rapoon’s late years. The album features 6 cuts, which are all together creating a long single piece.

+ + + : Both musicians have created a hostile atmosphere, which is mainly emerging from the strident noises. The work clearly sounds into improvisation and yet there’s a kind of red line running through the performance. There’s a constant dark sphere hanging over this sonic puzzle. Both artists clearly seem to have found a harmony together.

– – – : The original 6 pieces have been merged together becoming a long and definitely too long, single piece. This is the kind of work that will only appeal to lovers of pure experimental & abstract stuff.

Conclusion: I think this is the kind of work, which probably had more impact during the live performance itself then being released as a live recording.

Best songs: “Composited Reality”.

Rate: (6).

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