One for the experimental fans, Yoko Ono’s ‘Fly’ album reissued with bonus tracks and on white vinyl!

By Jun 16,2017

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“Fly” is the second album by Yoko Ono, produced by her and John Lennon, and released in 1971. The album included notable songs such as the singles “Midsummer New York” and “Mrs. Lennon”, “Hirake” aka “Open Your Box” and “Don’t Worry, Kyoko (Mummy’s Only Looking for Her Hand in the Snow)”, dedicated to Ono’s daughter Kyoko Cox.

The track “Airmale” was the soundtrack to Lennon’s film “Erection”, showing a building being erected in time lapsed photography, while “Fly” is the soundtrack to Ono’s film “Fly”. Below you can see the video for “Mind Holes” equally from the 1971 avant-garde album, “Fly”.

Note that this double vinyl LP (white vinyl on top) reissue has the following 4 bonus tracks: “Between the Takes”, “Will You Touch Me”, “The Path” and “Head Play (Medley: You/Airmale/Fly)” totalling 17 tracks for this reissue. You can order this rather exquisite album right here in the double vinyl version.

The album was recorded around the same time as Lennon’s “Imagine”. A small detail, Ono had to re-record her vocals on “Open Your Box”, on 4 March 1971 at Abbey Road Studios, after a managing director of EMI called the lyrics “distasteful”. The song featured a line that went “Open your trousers, open your skirt, open your legs and open your thighs”. “Trousers”, “skirt”, “legs”, and “thighs” were then changed to “houses”, “church”, “lakes”, and “eyes”. Remarkably enough Lennon and Ono didn’t complain about the change of the words, and only “wanted to get the record out”.

Another interesting details is that each edition of the US, UK and Japanese albums utilized that country’s distinctive telephone ring in the track “Telephone Piece”. You can hear the 3 versions below.


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