No New Dawn – Double Dream (Album – Other Voices Records)

By Apr 12,2020

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Genre/Influences: Electro-wave, minimal-pop.

Format: Digital, CD, Vinyl, Cassette.

Background/Info: No New Dawn is a new name hailing from Detroit (USA). “Double Dream” is the solo-project’s debut album, which is now available in all imaginary formats.

Content:  “Double Dream” takes us back to the inspiring sonic realms of 80s electronic music. The sound treatments, melodies and even drum sounds are instantly evoking the magic of the early synth years. The vocals have been mixed in the background and rather sound as an extra effect on top of the music. The album features 7 songs so in the end it rather looks as a mini-album instead of a real full length.

+ + + : The retro approach of the work makes it magic! No New Dawn awakens the good-old 80s electronic demons. I can’t compare the album to any other formation although you can easily recognize the 80s influences. The production of the vocals is an interesting aspect and here again reminding the sterile way of singing used by numerous 80s artists.

– – – :  There’s not a lot of diversity between the songs. This kind of production brings no real surprise, but innovation isn’t clearly the main focus here. I however regret the work only features 7 songs.

Conclusion: No New Dawn is not exactly what I would call a ‘hot’ newcomer, but “Double Dream” is an interesting record revealing some potential. So I’m wondering how this project will evolve.

Best songs: “One Fading Into Light”, “F.A.D. (Flight of the Angel of Destruction)”, “The Path”.

Rate: (7).


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