Nimh & Antikatechon – Out Hunting For Teeth (CD Album – Rage In Eden)

By Jul 29,2013

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Genre/Influences: Soundscape, industrial.

Content: This release is the meeting between Giuseppe Verticchio (Nimh) and Davide Del Col (Antikatechon). Both Italian artists are active in the dark-ambient & industrial scene although Nimh sounds a bit more experimental minded.

“Out Hunting For Teeth” features 5 tracks opening in a rather soundscape style. Chilling and dark-ambient parts have been joined and empowered by screams of horror. The tracks are quite oppressive-like inviting the listener on an imaginary trip throughout danger zones. The tracks have been fully accomplished by an impressive arsenal of instruments, which might explain some passages into more electro-minded fields.

The tracks are in constant progression resulting in a quiet fascinating apotheosis on “All Will Fall” and “Sleep Overcomes Them”. The last mentioned track sounds like it is emerging from an imaginary depth. The track is featuring some kind of drama content empowered by some kind of gong sounds. This is a heavy obscure final.

Conclusion: I’m not always that enthusiastic when it comes to artists joining forces, but this album is totally accomplished and fascinating from start till the end.

Best songs: “All will Fall”, “Sleep Overcomes Them”.

Rate: (DP:8)DP.

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