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New Metroland album out in April, Bandcamp users get an a bonus track and there’s an Expo!

Out in April is the brand new Metroland album “Men In A Frame”. The album is the follow-up to 3 highly succesful albums (“Mind The Gap” – 2012, “Triadic Ballet” – 2015 and “Things Will Never Sound The Same Again” – 2016) and a massive 4cd best of box (“12×12” – 2017).

On the new album photography is the central theme, hence why the duo joined forces with 5 Belgian professional photographers from an art collective called F-8 (pronounced as ‘Faith’). Each one of the F-8 photographers delivered 2 unique pictures on which the Metroland duo based 10 tracks.

You can already check out an exclusive megamix of the album on Bandcamp. The megamix is an exclusive Bandcamp-only bonus track of the download version of the album. If you prefer a CD version of the album, pre-orders are available already via the online webstore of Alfa Matrix.

‘Pictures To Listen To’ exposition

The exposition ‘Pictures To Listen To’ can be experienced on March 24. During this vernissage, the audience will have the opportunity to experience this unique concept with the aid of state-of-the-art techniques and behold the pictures while listening to the music triggered by each photograph. And all this in the company of all photographers and band members.

You are invited to the exposition’s opening night on 24th March 2018 from 18h onwards on ‘location’, Belgium (Art & Cars, Boomsesteenweg 4, 2630 Aartselaar – Belgium). Afterwards, it will remain accessible (for free) until 07th April 2018.

Metroland will not only present their new album “Men In A Frame”, but will also ensure that attendants have the opportunity to pre-order a set of fine art items such as an extra free bonus-compilation (containing a new and exclusive song, aptly titled ‘Pictures To Listen To’), a poster, badges, coasters, signed copies of the 10 pictures…

Dress code for the opening night: A touch of yellow.