Nam-Khar – Sur Chöd (Album – Winter-Light)

By Jun 22,2020

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Genre/Influences: Dark-ambient, ritual.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: Two years after the “Secret Essence / Sangwa Dupa”-album the German ambient/ritual Nam-Khar project strikes back with a new full length album. Driven by the creative spirit and artistic efforts of Konchog Gyaltsen, “Sur Chöd” brings six new pieces to life.

Content: The influences running through the work haven’t really changed since the previous work. The tracks sound like a sonic osmosis between dark-ambient sound corridors mixed with ritual elements and drones. It all sounds like field recordings have been incorporated to reinforce a kind of intimate sphere. Despite the intimacy hanging over the album, you’ll be surprised and maybe frightened by some monstrous blasts.

+ + + : I like this work for its intimate character, but also for the meticulous fusion between different influences. The dark-ambient style sounds reinforced by the drones and some percussion parts plus the ritual element. It all together creates an impressive sonic triumvirate reaching its high light at “Gangs Chen Mdzod Inga”. The tracklist is also interesting for its progression, the best cuts getting featured at the end and creating this visual appeal of disaster. The work excels in little details, like echoing sounds, lost drones and crispy noises. 

– – – : Even if the second part of the work is definitely the best one, I’m missing a climax at the final track.

Conclusion: All I can say is that the previous work of Nam-Khar was already promising, but this new work goes above my expectations.

Best songs: “Gangs Chen Mdzod Inga”, “gNod Sybyin”, “Dregs Pa”, “T’ew Rang”.

Rate: (7½).


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