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Must Watch Movies This Coming Weekend

By May 13,2020

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Must Watch Movies This Coming Weekend

Movies are fun, entertaining and one way to have a great weekend. It is just like playing online casino games at gambling360 online casino america especially now that people are on lockdown. Most people are working from home. This can be straining, so what better way to enjoy your weekend than to watch a great and exciting movie. If you are looking for a great and exciting movie to watch during this weekend then you are in the right place. You don’t have to search anymore as you can watch any of the movies below.


One of the best movies of all time, Extraction is a top-rated Netflix original. It is a mixture of drama, action, thriller and suspense making it a perfect movie to watch alone or with the family and friends. Extraction is about an international crime lord who is in jail. After realising his son is kidnapped, he sends a black-market mercenary who has absolutely nothing to lose to go and save his son. Things get real as he goes for what seems to be an impossible mission. This movies stars Chris Hemsworth one of the loved Marvel movie actors popularly known as Thor.


After discovering a massive conspiracy, a NYDP detective (Boseman Chadwick), joins a citywide manhunt for two young cop killers. As the night goes on the detective becomes unsure of the situation and as the situation gets worse 21 bridges of Manhattan were closed down by authorities to avoid the suspects from escaping. Now the hunt for the criminals begin.

Escape From Pretoria

Sometimes movies that are based on true events are the best movies as they teach a lot of things about life including online casino events. Escape from Pretoria is one such movie that is based on true events. It is about the events of two political captives’ escape from Pretoria. It is a thriller movie that is set in the Apartheid days of South Africa. These two white South Africans were imprisoned for working on behalf of ANC. Therefore, they made it a point to escape from Pretoria prison.


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