French Post-Punk/Rock artists Versari release their third album ‘Sous La Peau’ – Watch video for ‘Des Images’

By May 13,2020

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French Post-Punk/Rock artists Versari release their third album'Sous La Peau' - Watch video for'Des Images'

French Post-Punk/Rock artists Versari have released their third album “Sous La Peau”. This new album features guest musician Adrian Utley, founding member of the iconic Trip-hop band Portishead, playing guitar on “Tu te disais” and synths on “La peur au ventre”. Also playing as guest on the album is JD Mayer with synths on “Brûle”, “Tu te disais” and “Reviens”.

The album is out on vinyl and as a download via Bandcamp.

Jean-Charles Versari reflects on writing Sous La peau: “Looking at ‘Sous la Peau’ now, I see how most of the songs talk about loss: the loss of perspective, loss of loved ones, loss of creativity, loss of bearings. Sous la Peau is the permanent feeling you have in these moments, when some sort of fire is permanently crawling under the skin.”

The music video for Versari’s song “Des Images”, off the “Sous La Peau” album can be seen below. The video features objective, subjective and fugitive images.

Versari was formed in 2003 by the trio Cyril Bilbeaud, Laureline Prodhomme and Jean-charles Versari. Hailing from Angers, Rennes and Paris the trio brings straight forward new/cold wave mixed with elements from post-punk/hardcore, pop and rock. We first heard from the band via their cover of “Time to lose” (Tuxedomoon) released in 2005. Since then they released 2 studio albums and various covers of material by Pere Ubu and Psychic TV).



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