Music For Installations – Fractions Of Unity (Album – Wool-E Discs)

By Mar 5,2021

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Genre/Influences: Electro-Ambient, Cinematographic, Experimental.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: Music For Installations is a band name, which reminds me of the legendary ambient artist Brian Eno, and is a Belgian solo-project driven by Pieter Gyselinck. After a few previous works, he joined hands together with Wool-E Discs releasing the thirtieth part of the Ambient-series “Belgian NeuMusik”.

Content: There’s an interesting evolution in the tracklist of this work. The album takes off in a pretty Ambient way and I even dare to say ‘classical Electro-Ambient’. Quite progressively you’ll notice Experimental sound arrangements and darker tones emerging at the surface. The more you enter the universe of the artist the darker it becomes. The second part is driven by icy, sonar-like noises, the hoot of an owl and mysterious, frightening sound atmospheres.

+ + + : Pieter Gyselinck is clearly mixing different although related influences together. It’s not pure Ambient and not entirely Experimental. Some passages are clearly into a Soundtrack approach while the second part of the work –which is definitely the best one, becomes extremely dark and mysterious. This artist conceives a sonic canvas with different atmospheres, but found his most creative side in the darker side of his brain. “Fractal 6” is worthy of examination, but I also have to mention “Fractal 7” and “Fractal 9”. There’s something David Lynch-like in the sound of this work…

– – – : I already mentioned the great second half of this opus, which unfortunately comes to end with a poorly inspired last track.

Conclusion: Ambient music is not only meant as a dreamy moment, but it can be also a way of self-reflection, which in a way is the feeling I got when listening to “Fractions Of Unity”.

Best songs: “Fractal 7”, “Fractal 9”, “Fractal 6”.

Rate: (7).

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