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Movies That Predicted the Future

By Jul 1,2020

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Movies That Predicted the Future

Movie script writers are very creative and in their creativity they manage to bring out issues that we didn’t know we had. However, in this post today, we want to look at a few movies that managed to take a glimpse into the future. Things that happened in these movies back in the day are happening today and we find ourselves asking if these scriptwriters and directors had time machines or fortune tellers to help them with the plot of their films.

Movies That Predicted The Future

We look at films like 2001: A Space Odyssey created in 1986. This was way before the internet and artificial intelligence had crossed our minds. However, in this movie we see a Siri- like artificial intelligence. And we have movies like the whole Star Trek franchise of the 90’s that deals with technology that is way beyond its time. In the Star Trek franchise, we have smart watches as well as a PADD which resembles a tablet used for online slots for real money and other things nowadays. 

Virtual reality has become the core in most gaming companies. With companies making sure that all their games are VR compatible and yet we have movies like the Matrix Trilogy that is literally based on VR. With levels that even today’s technology has not even managed to reach yet. 

We also have movies like Airplane 2: The Sequel of 1992 that managed to somehow look into the future and give us full body scanners that we use at all airports today.

Movies like Total Recall managed to somehow explore on the idea of self-driving cars in 1990 way before we even dreamt of them.  

These are but a few of the movies that we look and scratch our heads as they managed to pull off technology that we don’t even have today. And even as we do enjoy these and more movies, we can’t even begin to compare them to the joy that we feel when we play us casinos games for real money. Remember to always gamble responsibly. 


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