Morego – Astrophile (Album – Ovnimoon Records)

By May 4,2020

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Genre/Influences: IDM, electro-ambient, experimental.

Format: Digital.

Background/Info: “Astrophile” is the third full length album released by Iranian composer Morego Dimmer. He’s involved with numerous projects and dark-ambient fans for sure have heard of Xerxes The Dark. “Astrophile” was released late 2019 on the Chile/American based Ovnimoon Records, which is mainly releasing psy-trance driven productions.

Content:  “Astrophile” moves a step further than the previous work (cf. “Solivagant”). The music became even more sophisticated and driven by IDM influences. Another noticeable element is the constant down tempo cadence. Slow rhythms and broken beats are carrying the overwhelming electronic production. “Astrophile” for sure has an astral sound connotation, but it also reveals varied icy sound treatments and mysterious atmospheres.

+ + + : The main characteristic of this album is the ultra professional sound production. It feels like this album was recorded in a high-tech studio with a great producer. Morego Dimmer has a natural nose to produce top notch stuff. But next to his engineering & production skills he also is a great artist when it comes to sound creation and –treatments. The work is filled with impressive, icy sound treatments and subtle arrangements. There are several brilliant songs featured, but I especially recommend listening to “Swoon”. This track reflects all the sound intelligence of Morego. The fusion between electronic sequences and ambient atmospheres is very efficient here; especially the kind of voice effect injects an extra dimension. 

– – – : I don’t have real minus points about this work.

Conclusion: I already enjoyed the previous Morego album, but “Astrophile” is a close to masterpiece!

Best songs: “Swoon”, “Far Lights”, “Aspire”, “Nocturnal Delight”.

Rate: (8½).





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