Mirror – Mirror (Vinyl Album – Artoffact)

By Mar 31,2016

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Genre/Influences: Cabaret, psychedelic, pop.

MirrorBackground/Info: Mirror is a project that was set up by Thomas Anselmi (previously involved in punk-minded formations) and joined by vocalist Laure Elaine. The Canadian formation self-released its debut-CD “Mirror” in 2008. Artoffact is now re-releasing this work on their familiar and successful vinyl format and as CD-digipak. “Mirror” has been inspired by the film music of David Lynch.

Content: “Mirror” sounds a bit like an ‘alien’ album. It’s something completely different from the contemporary trends and pop experiments. This album is not exactly about pop, but a kind of psychedelic cabaret experiment with a solid retro feeling. It reminds me of some 70s sounds and I even remember a melody lien of The Rubettes. There’s this dreamy and space-like flavor hanging over the songs.

Laure Elaine sings a somewhat nonchalant and sensual way, which is totally fitting with the sound of Mirror. The work is filled with delicate treatments, vintage and analog like manipulations and beautiful melodies evoking lost times.

But the biggest surprise is the contribution of some famous guest artists and Depeche Mode’s Dave Gahan definitely is the most famous one. Gahan’s timbre of voice is absolutely great and creates a pure sonic intercourse with the cabaret-love-song format of Mirror. Other guests are Joe Dallesandro, Mike Garson (who played some piano for David Bowie), Know Chandler, Phil Western (Download) and producer Vincent Jones.

+ + + : “Mirror” is a totally weird, but divine and creative work. I like the global atmospheres and the elevating, transcendental arrangements while the vocals are injecting a hot touch to the work. The contribution of Dave Gahan remains a real coup de force.

– – – : This is music from another sound galaxy so I can imagine it will not be liked by pure trend freaks.

Conclusion: There are for sure some similarities with the surreal stories of David Lynch. “Mirror” is a unique experience in sound and an album that will not leave you unaffected.

Best songs: “From No One With Love”, “Nostalgia”, “Nowhere”, “Twentieth Century”.

Rate: (8½). /



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