Mirland – Mechanic (CD Album – Raumklang Music)

By Jun 12,2017

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Genre/Influences: IDM, experimental, cinematographic.

Background/Info: I got familiarized with the work of John Mirland by discovering the Holm/Mirland project. This Danish went on as Mirland while he’s also a member of the electro-pop project Am Tierpark (he’s doing together with Claus Larsen). “Mechanic” is already the third production from Mirland.

Content: John Mirland created a huge sound universe, which has been even more elaborated on this new work. “Mechanic” starts a rather experimental way, but also with a poignant ambient direction. This is not just the usual ambient format, but the heavy dark blasts resonate like signals from a distant sonic galaxy. Mirland takes his listeners on a sonic trip where he visited multiple influences.

You’ll notice tracks with some dubby cadence, other cuts which are into pure cinematographic approach and finally IDM-minded cuts reminding to the work of Holm/Mirland. Notice that one song features vocals by guest singers and mate Claus Larsen.

+ + + : “Mechanic” is an album featuring familiar influences and yet an atypical composition. It’s not the usual IDM approach or the classical dark-ambient music. Mirland revisited different music genres creating a very personal sound. And that’s quite comparable to his previous work. This work is original for the cool sound treatments and minimal while the more into IDM cuts definitely are the most noticeable ones.

– – – : The experimental side of the work makes it also hardly accessible, but still creates a contrast with the IDM part of the work. The song featuring Claus Larsen is a nice surprise although not the best cut from the album.

Conclusion: Mirland goes on exploring new electronic sound horizons without being swayed by established genres and standards. “Mechanic” sounds like a sonic signal from the future!

Best songs: “Skull Splitter”, “Mongrel”, “Puppet”, “Nebula”.

Rate: (7).

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