Metroland holds special expo ‘Pictures to listen to’ in Mechelen (BE) – here’s a video report by Side-Line

By Jan 28,2019

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Metroland holds special expo'Pictures to listen to' in Mechelen (BE) - here's a video report by Side-Line

Our Side-Line editor in chief Bernard Van Isacker was present at Metroland’s opening expo night in Mechelen (BE) this weekend. At the expo you can see a series of pictures taken by the photography collective F8 which are matched with songs from Metroland’s most recent album “Men in a frame”. The set-up is quite innovative, you get special Metroland headphones when you start the expo, you plug those into your smartphone and scan the QR-codes below the picture frames that direct you to the MP3 that corresponds with the picture shown.

Next to this you can also view a lot of the material released by the band in all the different formats plus some really rare items including test pressings, tapes and press articles.

Here’s our coverage of the event with interviews with Passenger S and A, F8 member Kristel Nijskens and Franky Deblomme (HIM+HE) next to an overview of the expo itself. You can view this expo at the CC in Mechelen until 24 March 2019. Entrance is free.


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