Metatron Omega – Evangelikon (CD Album – Cryo Chamber)

By Jun 23,2019

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Genre/Influences: Dark-ambient, dark-cinematographic.

Background/Info: Serbian artist Scorpio V is back on track unleashing his fourth full length album since 2015. Metatron Omega has always been inspired by ritual- and symbolic themes, which is not that different for “Evagelikon”.

Content: Both debut albums of this project were clearly into ritual-music. Since the album “Illumination” the ritual touch sounds a bit more in the background and the new work confirms this move. It however remains a strange universe constructed by overwhelming sound waves, heavy sonic blasts plus lost and spooky voices.

+ + + : Metatron Omega has clearly evolved throughout the few years of activity, but it remains a fascinating production. I was impressed by the monstrous sound treatments resulting in heavy, blasting passages. “Kosmokrator” is a brilliant illustration of this sonic approach. “Evagelikon” reaches an imaginary climax of torment and anguishing sound experiences. This kind of production will bring you imagination awake, leading you throughout real nightmares.

– – – : I’m still more convinced by the early work of this project although I have to admit there’s a constant evolution in the production.

Conclusion: Even the most evil ghost would be scared when listening to Metatron Omega!

Best songs: “Kosmokrator”, “Agnostos Theos”.

Rate: (7½).




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