Marilyn Manson is going to report himself to the police after ‘snot incident’

By Jun 26,2021

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The New Hampshire police issued a warrant for the arrest of Marilyn Manson in May because the musician would have assaulted one of his camerawomen during a concert in 2019. His lawyer Howard King and the state police department have meanwhile reached an agreement which also states that Manson must turn himself in to the Los Angeles Police Department, the state where Manson himself comes from.

The deal comes after a month of negotiations.

Manson allegedly assaulted the woman in question during a concert in 2019. According to three concertgoers, Manson bent down during the concert and then blew his snot at the woman. In addition, he also spat at the camera woman and her material all the time.

Manson risks a prison sentence of twelve months and a fine of 2,000 dollars (1,675 euros).

It’s not the first time he has been doing this, this is footage from 2013…


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