Maman Küsters – L’Extase Et La Terreur (Album – Unknown Pleasures Records)

By Oct 14,2020

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Genre/Influences: EBM, minimal-electro.

Format: Digital, CD, Vinyl.

Background/Info: The French duo Maman Küsters is back on track and has released their new album earlier this year. Gaël Loison (music) and Cyril Pansal (vocals) got some help from famous contributors like Franck Kartell (synths) and Julia Bondar (vocals). Notice by the way the vinyl edition has been released by  Oràculo Records featuring only five songs while the digital and CD edits are featuring twelve tracks.

Content: The album features 6 new songs and 6 remixes. This album is once again inspired by the good-old minimal-EBM connected with the 80s. This is pure analogue music driven by deep bass lines and intriguing French vocals. Remixes have been accomplished by Marc Caro, Franck Kartell, Chris Shape, Years Of Denial, Marc Collin (Nouvelle Vague) and last, but not least The Hacker. The remixes –except the title song of this album, are mainly made from ‘older’ songs.

+ + + : This work totally fits with the philosophy of the French label Unknown Pleasures Records. This is good-old EBM driven by the magic of analogue gear. There’s this typical 80s spirit hanging over the work, but the production also has something refreshing. The songs are carried by solid bass lines and danceable vibes. The vocals are adding something extra; a bit intriguing. I also have to mention some exceptional remixes, and especially the one by Italian producer Chris Shape (who last year released the cool EP “Fake Truths” together with Dave Inox). The other noticeable remixes are the ones by Franck Kartell, Years Of Denial and The Hacker. 

– – – : I was less convinced by the remix of Marc Collin, which is just a smooth last ‘outro’-cut made by a famous artist.

Conclusion: Maman Küsters strikes back with style and the magic of minimal-EBM, which clearly inspired other artists to accomplish brilliant remixes.

Best songs: “L’Extase Et La Terreur”, “L’Alpiniste Au Sommet De Son Art feat. Julia Bondar, “MK Ultra” + “Transat En Kit – Chris Shape Remix”, “La Dernière Maison Sur La Gauche – Franck Kartell Remix”.

Rate: (8½).




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