Lupe – Burn (Album – Alcyone Records)

By May 12,2020

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Genre/Influences: Goth-rock, cinematographic-metal. 

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info:  Lupe is the solo-project of Mixalis Latoussakis. He’s known as the singer of the Greel goth-rock formation Mosquito. “Burn” is his debut album featuring ten songs.

Content: The main characteristic of this work is the strong cinematographic appeal mixed with the artist’s deep timbre of voice. Both are pretty complementary. The songs are accomplished with piano arrangements, but also reveal heavier orchestral passages.

+ + + : “Burn” is a mix of  multiple influences,  which might appeal for gothic- and metal freaks. Latoussakis is for sure a talented singer who injects passion to the work. Sound-wise this album is hard to catch and yet pretty artistic in the mix of all the influences. It makes me think of a  kind of neo-gothic style or a metal-soundtrack.

– – – : The main point that hurts is that the songs are pretty similar to each other so the work becomes rapidly predictable.

Conclusion: “Burn” is probably closer to a kind of sonic exorcism from this artist instead of an album that will really catch the attention. 

Best songs:  “Why”, “She’ll Burn The Dawn”.

Rate: (6½). 

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