LPF12 – Conclusion (Digital EP – LPF12)

By May 22,2017

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Genre/Influences: IDM, electro-ambient, cinematographic.

Background/Info: Sascha Lemon’s (LPF12) creativity has no limits. While a new full length album (cf. “Missiles”) has been released quite recently, he already takes the world by surprise by now unleashing a new EP featuring 4 songs.

Content: “Missiles” was pretty ambient and cinematographic-like. “Conclusion” sounds like going on there where “Missiles” left off. The global atmosphere hanging over the tracks is more intimate while the arrangements became more sensitive. I noticed numerous piano-like arrangements, accentuating the cinematographic format of the work.

+ + + : “Conclusion” rapidly appears to be a step further than “Missiles”. The sources of inspiration are once again moving in between IDM, minimal electro-ambient and pure soundtrack compositions. This work reveals an interesting progression from one style into the other. I would be not surprised if Sascha Lemon would soon compose a real soundtrack. I have to admit I’m more into the good-old IDM style, which sounds more elaborated and exciting featuring the excellent “Meta”-cut, which is an outstanding composition.

– – – : My remarks are quite similar to the “Missiles”-album. It takes some time to come into the sound of the ‘new’ LPF12. This artist progressively experiments with more explicit soundtrack compositions –and there’s absolutely nothing to say about it, but I get the feeling he’s real and main sound DNA is more into IDM.

Conclusion: “Conclusion” takes you away into a mysterious sonic abyss featuring a progressive osmosis between subtle IDM and dreamy cinematographic creations.

Best songs: “Meta”, “Semi.

Rate: (7½).

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