Loewenhertz – Traumfaenger (CD Album – Echozone)

By Nov 27,2019

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Genre/Influences: Electro-pop.

Background/Info: German synth-pop duo Alex Pfahler – Andy Pfiefer are back on track unleashing their third full length album. “Traumfaenger” features ten songs plus four bonus cuts, which were originally released at the digital EP “Vierklangdimensionen”.

Content: If you’re familiar with previous albums released by Loewenhertz, “Traumfaenger” has nothing innovative to discover. The band remains driven by good-old electro-pop standards and sometimes again reminds me of their legendary compatriots and masters in the genre: De/Vision. The songs are alternating German and English lyrics. The debut cuts sound sweet and happy-like, but quite progressively Loewenhertz moved towards a more danceable electro-pop style recovered with sensibility and melancholia.

The 4 last cuts are cover versions from famous songs originally written by Rheingold, Hubert Kah, Nena and Snäp.

+ + + : The sound and influences haven’t really changed. I’m not saying that this album is a copy-paste from the previous one, but the main strength of this duo appears in the achievement of the songs and not in the originality of the sound. I definitely prefer the more danceable cuts and I have to say they accomplished a few noticeable songs in the genre. “We Regret”, “Closer”and “Truth In Me” confirm the potential of the band, which is not just a copyist, but has the skills to write captivating synth-pop music. I like the progression in the tracklist taking off in a rather sweet way and slowly evolving towards a more mature and efficient electro-pop music, sometimes carried by a harder bass line and/or aggressive sequence. Among the cover versions I recommend the cool version of “Dreiklangdimensionen” originally written by Rheingold. Loewenhertz found a perfect compromise between the vintage, original edit and some refreshing and more personal aspects.

– – – : The sweeter part of the album, which you’ll hear in the debut is not exactly relevant for being average-like and without a real spirit!

Conclusion: There are numerous electro-pop formations and especially a lot of copyists. I never have experienced Loewenhertz as the most original one in the genre, but this band simply confirms to have real potential. I’m waiting for an absolute hit pushing them in the spotlights of this scene.

Best songs: “We Regret”, “Closer”, “Truth In Me”, “We Regret”, “Dreiklangdimensionen”, “Elisabeth”.

Rate: (7½).

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