Liquid G. – Barbed Wire Scrap (Digital Album – Liquid Produkts)

By May 28,2019

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Genre/Influences: Dark-electro.

Background/Info: Peter Van Bogaert is a Belgian dark-elector artist I’ve kept an eye on since the late 80s. He got involved in different projects, but Liquid G. always remained his main project. This album features a fine selection of unreleased (and reworked) tracks that were composed all over the years. The album is also available as a very limited cassette format.

Content: If you’re familiar with Liquid G.  you directly will recognize his typical dark-electronic universe. It’s a danceable composition, but also features an atmospheric side. The production is rough and somewhat industrial-like. It’s pure underground, but also reveals a more elaborated writing while the vocals are less present.

+ + + : I get the feeling that Peter Van Bogaert has seriously reworked and improved these songs. I also get the impression that these songs have been improved with new and modern equipment. The songs remain in the purest Liquid G. style, but they also reveal a more intelligent and elaborated writing. Liquid G. took me by surprise and this after more than 30 years of involvement. The retro-style featuring great analogue sound treatments creates a great fusion with the modern touch on top of the songs. There are several great songs featured –also featuring contributions from other projects Peter has been involved with like Hydrom Line and Subsection 1.

– – – : There are a few remixes at the end of the album, which can’t totally convince me.

Conclusion: Liquid G. already has a serious discography, but it appears that this musician is getting better and better; I even consider this album as his best work in history!

Best songs:  “Fukushima – Extended Mix v2016”, “WW Disasters”, “Scrap 130426 v2”, “The Last Flight v4”.

Rate: (8½).

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