Lech Nienartowicz – Wzdłuż Pasma (CD Album – Kosmodron)

By Apr 1,2019

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Genre/Influences: Experimental, soundscape.

Lech Nienartowicz - Wzdłuż PasmaBackground/Info: Lech Nienartowicz is a Polish artist based in Toruń. He’s involved with different projects and is also running the small cassette label Pawlacz Perski. This work is his first solo-album featuring 3 tracks.

Content: Lech Nienartowicz confirms that this work is one of his less experimental ones although it clearly remains driven by the taste to experiment with different noise sources. Field recordings are important in the work of the artist and you sometimes get the impression entering a cabaret of sonic rarities. Sometimes evasive and pretty space-like, the last cut is definitely darker and invites the listener to join in for a trip of more than 24 minutes.

+ + + : As the artist explains, his work is sometimes moving at the border of ‘music and non-music’, but the most accessible passages reveal a few great parts. I especially recommend the last track, which is progressively built up and featuring great, dark passages.

– – – : I can’t say to have heard real highlights on this album. The sound creation and manipulation of noises clearly appear to be the main focus of the author.

Conclusion: Experimental music always is something particular and definitely apart from the ‘common music standards’. It’s not that different for Lech Nienartowicz although “Wzdłuż Pasma” is a rather accessible piece.

Best songs: “Dwa Kamienie”.

Rate: (6½).




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