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Leaether Strip launches ‘Spectator’ album on 2CD and red vinyl – get your orders in now

Leaether Strip is back, after having worked 3 years on a new album, called “Spectator”. You can expect a mixture of old-school EBM, harsh rhythms and electronic ballads as we are used from him.

This time the album is being released on red vinyl (available here), CD (available here) and also as a special packet holding the vinyl and a 2CD set (available here).

The bonus disc included in the very limited deluxe set (available here) holds the following 12 extra tracks: “White as chalk (Maxi Mix)”, “Filling the graves (Maxi Mix)”, “Filling the graves (En Esch Remix)”, “B-side”, “Can we all forgive?”, “Don’t listen to the voices”, “I know what a man contains”, “Moonman”, “Fragments (Feat. Mirland)”, “Bear wrestler (Feat. [Android\Kˆlon:58] )”, “The Art of murder (Feat. Caffetine)” and “Body Machine Body (Live in Kassel)”.

Here’s a glimpse of what the deluxe boost looks like.