Last Days Of S.E.X. – Close To Destruction And Still Beautiful (CD Album – Hands)

By Jan 12,2020

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Genre/Influences: Rhythmic-industrial, industrial-noise. 

Background/Info: Greek sonic terrorist Manos Chrisovergis is back on track, unleashing this year the fourth full length of his sonic brainchild Last Days Of S.E.X. The previous album (cf. “Sabotage Normality”) was a powerful, but also efficient exposure from artist’s come back and his growing maturity. 

Content: Chrisovergis avoids intros and brings the listener directly into his harsh sonic universe carried by heavy rhythms and noise treatments. The work again is an exposure of merciless noise assaults and devastating rhythms, but it’s also characterized by minimal electronic sequences and certain minimalism. I even dare to affirm the album has something inhibited. The album ends with remixes by Morah, Tomohiko Sagae and Katran.  

+ + + : I like the duality –or should I call it complementarity, between the heavy, ruthless rhythmic-noise at one side and the refined electronic sequences at the other side. It’s not constantly present, but it’s more at the forefront than on previous works. It also injects some diversity to the work. In the end I can easily say this album is the most complex work from Last Days Of S.E.X. There’s an impressive arsenal of noises that has been used and intermingled with sonic effects and minimalism. “Trash” and “Daily Routine”, both are noticeable pieces and perfect exposures of this work. 

– – – : This project however remains a true sonic challenge, which will appeal for a very restricted number of fans. It’s a heavy sonic creation without ‘classical’ structure. The remixes can’t totally convince me. 

Conclusion: Last Days Of S.E.X moves on terrorizing the industrial scene with merciless noise assaults carried by heavy rhythms. But “Close To Destruction And Still Beautiful” also is the best work from the artist to date. 

Best songs: “Trash”, “Daily Routine”, “Inevitable Pain”, “Zengakuren”. 

Rate: (8).


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