Krayenzeit – W.I.R. (CD EP – Trisol)

By Dec 28,2019

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Genre/Influences: Metal-rock, rock-folk, medieval.

Background/Info: This EP has been released a few months after Krayenzeit’s fourth full length album. The songs have been released after their last tour featuring four new cuts, three collaborative cuts and one remix plus an intro- and outro live impression.

Content: The sound formula is quite similar as for “Saitentänzer”. Krayenzeit is a truly offspring between metal-, rock- and folk music. The menacing guitar play is pure metal-, but also a bit rock orientated while some of the acoustic instruments, like the violin, create an entertaining folk element. This EP is more diversified than the album; it’s not only into power, but you’ll also find more evasive and even ballad-driven songs.

We next get 3 songs originally released at the album, which have been performed with guests. Liv Kristine is for sure the most famous name from the list. The last song is a remix from another album song by L’Âme Immortelle.

+ + + : The artwork of the album already was a little artistic jewel and it’s exactly the same for this EP; I’m holding on my belief and respect for physical copies! But this EP also is a great production for its originality; the fans get 4 new songs mixing the heaviest- and most sensible side from the band. There’s only one remix, but made by a great name while the other cuts are songs that have been revisited through the collaboration with guests. Among the new cuts I like the intimate style emerging from “Hautnah”. The reworked version of “Saitentänzer” together with the Mondéna quartet is also worthy to discover.

– – – : I’d high expectations from the song (cf. “Regen Und Sturm”) together with Liv Kristine; I like the duo concept, but Liv Kristine appears to be more a kind of backing vocalist and that’s a pity. I also expected a bit more from the remix by L’Âme Immortelle, which sounds uninspired.

Conclusion: From a very personal point of view I prefer this EP instead of the album; there’s more diversity in the songs, but I especially discovered a more intimate and inhibited side of the band. 

Best songs: “”Hautnah”, “Leviathan”, “SAitentänzer – Mondéna Quartet Version”.

Rate: (7½).

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