Carl Gari & Abdullah Miniawy – The Act Of Falling From The 8th Floor (Digital Album – Whities)

By Dec 27,2019

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Genre/Influences: IDM, experimental, industrial-world music.

Background/Info: Carl Gari is a German trio and Abdullah Miniawy is a recognized Egyptian performer, trumpet player and DJ.  Both projects have already worked together and this year released this work featuring six tracks –which rather looks as a mini-album instead of a full length. Carl Gari defines their work as ‘psychedelic ghetto rave’.

Content: This work is the meeting between two different cultures, but first of all the meeting between different music styles. The music composed by Carl Gari is a melting pot of influences featuring mainly IDM, but also a lot of experimental sound treatments, electro-ambient passages and vague dubstep elements. Abdullah Miniawy on his side sings in his Mother tongue injecting a deeply, Eastern- and mystic touch. I also noticed a few trumpet passages reinforcing the mysterious atmosphere supporting this work.

+ + + : This is a great and creative exposure from artists who at first sight maybe don’t have anything in common, but the fusion between Western experimental sound treatments and Arabian vocals is absolutely great. It’s an original creation, but also the meeting between talented artists. The sound treatments created by Carl Gari are brilliant while Abdullah Miniawy has a beautiful timbre of voice he’s using a passionate way. This work reflects intelligence and simply the passion for music. All songs are worthy of examination, but “Haj” is the absolute masterpiece!

– – – : I can easily imagine the fusion of very different styles also is a real challenge and maybe not the kind of music appealing for a wider audience.

Conclusion: There are some productions, which feel as a gift and that’s exactly what I felt when discovering this album. “The Act Of Falling From The 8th Floor” rapidly became one of my favorite releases from this year!

Best songs: “Haj”, “Hela”, “A’Laj”, “Zyaj”.

Rate: (9).

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