KPT – Big Witch (Album – Give/Take)

By Nov 3,2020

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Genre/Influences: Electro-Ambient, Cinematographic, IDM, Experimental.

Format: Digital.

Background/Info: American KPT (pronounced ‘KEPT’) is back on track unleashing eleven new songs.

Content: KPT already composed Soundtrack music and that’s for sure an influence you’ll find back at “Big Witch”. The influences are multiple and touching ground with different kinds of music. The album gives me the feeling to have been conceived as a single long-during piece that has been divided in 11 chapters. We’re entering a strange music universe, haunted by Ambient atmospheres, which are sometimes interrupted by nervous Jungle-like rhythms. The spooky atmosphere is reinforced by spoken samplings from beyond the grave. Some IDM passages can be noticed as well.

+ + + : KPT remains a true sonic enigma, but the main strength of this project definitely appears to compose Cinematographic related music. It sounds a bit experimental, sometimes hard to catch, but definitely original and that is different from established music standards. “Big Witch” is an album you’ve to discover as a compact entity; the tracks are like little pieces of a puzzle so you better can’t lose one.

– – – : Some passages are definitely pretty Experimental, which is not always the best sound to catch a wider audience. I guess KPT is not driven to reach wider audiences, but just doing its very own thing.

Conclusion: If you like sonic enigma’s, you better try the “Big Witch” from KPT.

Best songs: “Initiation”, “Invite”.

Rate: (7).

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