Korine – The Night We Raise (Album – Other Voices Records)

By Apr 29,2021

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Genre/Influences: Electro-Pop, Wave-Pop, New-Wave.

Format: Digital, CD, Vinyl, Cassette.

Background/Info: Korine is an American duo from Philadelphia driven by Morgy Ramone and Try Frye . They last year released their second album “The Night We Raise” on  Born Losers Records (US), Data Airlines (France) and Other Voices Records (Russia).

Content: The sound and influences of this band are clearly getting us back in the midst of the 80s. This is pure New-Wave carried by melodic synths and carried by guitar play. The songs perfectly reflect the spirit of the 80s. There are only 8 songs featured, which also reminds me of the typical vinyl-albums from the past. 

+ + + : If you’re in search for innovation, you better avoid listening to Korine. This band is clearly devoted and passionate to the 80s New-Wave music. You can hear it in some simple, but essential effects and details awakening old New-Wave ghosts. The main strength of the work is the melodic and carrying side of the choruses. And a good chorus often is the essence of a good song. I especially like the first half of the opus.

– – – : The tracks are pretty similar so a little bit more diversity would be a little extra.

Conclusion: Korine sounds like it was seriously contaminated by the 80s virus, which is for sure a cool and enjoyable sickness.

Best songs: “Fate”, “Cold Heart”, “Cast”.

Rate: (7).

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