Kloob & Onasander – Mundus Patet (Album – Winter-Light)

By Oct 21,2020

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Genre/Influences: Dark-Ambient.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: “Mundus Patet” resulted from the common efforts between Dani Kloob (Spain) and Maurizio Landini (Italy). The album is a conceptual work based upon an ancient and obscure tradition of the ancient Romans. Three times a year they opened an infernal door to bring the spirits together with the world of the living.

Content: The album features eight tracks, opening with the overwhelming and freaky title track. Deep breathing sounds and ritual bells are running through this cut, which has a real strong visual appeal. The next cuts are moving in a similar way and are crescendo like. You get the feeling to get lost in a dark space, the mouth of the afterlife… created by the power of humming sound waves.  

+ + + : I already mentioned the opening title track, which is a real tour de force; a true masterpiece in the Dark-Ambient music, which is progressively built up with great Ritual elements on top. This track perfectly stands for the concept of the album; you get the impression to feel the spirits invading the world of the living. So the visual strength of this work is absolutely impressive. The humming passages give you a permanent feeling of an invisible presence, like ghosts coming out the speakers or possessing your brains when using headphones. And I recommend using headphones to hear the multiple little details running through the tracks.

– – – : This album is a masterpiece and I honestly don’t see any minor point. I’ve just one little and very personal regret; I think the best cut is right at the beginning so you’ll never get a similar climax after having heard this opening track.

Conclusion: This album is based on an intriguing and obscure concept, which has been transposed in even  darker music inspired by evil forces.

Best songs: “Mundus Patet”, “Blessed Are The Dead”, “Cataphract Ghost”, “Etruscan Door”.

Rate: (8½).

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