Vlimmer finishes EP series with ‘XIIIIIIII’

By Mar 17,2021

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Vlimmer finishes EP series with'XIIIIIIII'

Vlimmer has just finished his EP series which started in november 2015. “XIIIIIIII” (part 18), out now via Blackjack Illuminist Records, marks the end of the journey of a young man which is getting lost between reality and delusion until he dissolves. It’s based on a book called “Jagmoor Cynewulf” which Vlimmer published in 2015.

Music-wise “XIIIIIIII” is a mix of dark electro/post-punk/coldwave and dreampop. You can check it out below.

Vlimmer is currently working on his debut album which is planned to be released in autumn 2021.

Vlimmer is available on our massive compilation “Face The Beat 6” with the track “Passagier (Previously Unreleased)”.


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