Kirlian Camera’s ‘Sky Collapse’ CD Single and vinyl (feat. Covenants’ Eskil) now available for preorder

By Aug 21,2017

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Kirlian Camera's'Sky Collapse' CD Single and vinyl (feat. Covenants' Eskil) now available for preorder

“Sky Collapse” is the first single from Kirlian Camera’s new album “Hologram Moon” and marks the collaboration of Kirlian Camera with Swedish electronic icons Covenant on the A-side version of the track (as we reported over a year ago already), which is also a duet between singer Elena Alice Fossi and Covenant’s Eskil Simonsson.

Angelo Bergamini: “Sky Collapse represents memories from a recent hard period during which any possible light seemed to turn into deep darkness as if everything had been lost. The sky looked as if it had collapsed just when … an unexpected ray of hope started shining on a gloomy evening. Here we are now, describing quite an ordeal with simple words and “dance on all those ruins”, whether they stand for the past we briefly mentioned above or a hard future we’ll have to face. Covenant own this particular feeling, this ability to link cold electronics with drama. We have always felt connected to Eskil Simonsson and his project, so this meeting today, on these strange roads, is just a natural result of such research in music.”

You can purchase the single right here on CD and/or vinyl.


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