Jensen Interceptor – Auto Express (Digital EP – Space Factory)

By Nov 10,2015

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Genre/Influences: Techno-body, minimal-EBM, electroclash.

Jensen InterceptorContent: Jensen Interceptor is a rather funny name for a music project as it was the name of a great and designed British sports car that got some fame during the 60s and 70s. But Jensen Interceptor also is the name of an Australian techno producer who has released many EP’s over the past few years.

Jensen Interceptor has now joined David Carretta’s label Space Factory to unleash this great piece of music, which is mixes elements of techno music and vintage EBM. This is a production that will appeal to the nostalgic fans of great vintage electronics. This EP features 5 songs opening with the title cut, which merges minimal EBM and electroclash with an ultimate degree of perfection. The production is characterized by deep sounding bass lines and icy, technoid arrangements. The song is interrupted by a terrific although typical trance-like break. There are no real vocal lines, but just a few spoken male and female words, which are more like samplings.

The title song is fully representative for the rest of the EP. The production is carried by impressive sound treatments, which will appeal to lovers of dark techno music and EBM. But “Auto Express” clearly doesn’t sound like an average techno production. It’s much darker and elaborate, both elements emerge at the surface on the tracks, “E40” and Xternal”. It sometimes sounds a bit spooky, but always driven by great danceable vibes and this kind of irresistible retro-electro style.

Notice by the way that the song “Unleaded 98” features another Australian project in the genre called Mikron. In the meantime Space Factory has released another EP from Jensen Interceptor, which I hope we’ll soon discover as well.

Conclusion: This is a brilliant composition for lovers of good-old minimal-EBM and electroclash. This EP is not moving into the remix-trend, but simply brings you 5 smashing cuts.

Best songs: “Auto Express”, “E40”, “Xternal”.

Rate: (DP:8½)DP.




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