Jean-Marc Lederman – The Mysterious Manuscript Of Gabriel Garcia Marquez (Album + Book – Les Disques De La Pantoufle / Wool-EDiscs)

By Jun 13,2021

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Genre/Influences: Cinematographic, Experimental.

Format: Digital, CD + Book.

Background/Info: 2020 probably was the most prolific artistic year for Belgian artist Jean-Marc Lederman. He released three different albums and already worked and achieved this very surprising and ambitious project. The Belgian artist wrote a 75 page novel about three musicians from different ages and different countries who met through a mysterious manuscript of the Colombian writer and novel winner of literature Gabriel Garcia Marquez. The book has been released together with a CD featuring ten songs in a limited edition of 120 copies.

Content: We know Jean-Marc Lederman as an early EBM musician who later on released numerous Electro-Pop driven productions, but he also became a talented Cinematographic artist. This album is a kind of Soundtrack to the novel; a diversified opus bringing numerous influences and genres together. From pure Cinematographic music accomplished with piano arrangements to some Latino passages and Funky, danceable sequences to an arty-Dubby track, the artist featured his impressive sonic canvas.

+ + + : I knew Jean-Marc Lederman the musician, but I didn’t know the writer. He simply brought both disciplines together, creating a wider artistic concept. The question is where will he stop? What will be his next challenge? I can’t say this is the best music I’ve heard from Lederman, but it clearly fits with the book and the concept. He illustrated the story with songs, diverse music genres, which probably stands for the different musicians from the story. I really like the Dub-sounding “It’s Time To Talk Contracts”.

– – – : I’m just missing one element with this release, a real visual content. So Lederman as a film-director could be another and next idea…

Conclusion: This is definitely the most unexpected project by this artist, but bringing a novel and music together is absolutely a great idea.

Best songs: “It’s Time To Talk Contracts”, “Victor’s Theme”, “Old Man In The Desert”.

Rate: (7).

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