Jean-Marc Lederman launches ‘Experience the last broadcast on earth’ album featuring 13 singers and bands from 8 countries, in 4 languages

By May 7,2015

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jean-marc-ledermanFrank M Spinath (Seabound/Ghost & Writer), Froxeanne (The Frozen Autumn), Tom Shear (Assemblage 23) and Julianne Regan (All About Eve) are just a few of the 13 singers which have collaborated on the exquisite new album by Belgian electronic music pioneer Jean-Marc Lederman. The album is available as a digipak, a free app with a videogame and a virtual jukebox. Add to that a dedicated website with all parts of a sonic idea spread over several platforms (IOS/Android/PC/MAc) for different experiences.

The track list is as follows:

  1. Schau Mit Liebe with Frank M. Spinath
  2. DJ Kling Klang intervention with Bertrand Burgalat
  3. So Long with Jay P. Aston
  4. The Last Love Song with Anna Domino
  5. Never Take Fire by Ghost & Writer
  6. The Reassuring Undertone with Dark Poem
  7. L’amour c’est la mort with Jacques Duvall
  8. Funky Town
  9. Intervention from Matt Johnson (The The)
  10. The Killing Woods
  11. The Last Phone Call by The Weathermen
  12. Yumemite Aino (I Was Dreaming Of You) with Takeko Akamatsu
  13. No Regrets with Froxeanne
  14. Into My Arms with Jenna F.
  15. Wolves by Mari & The Ghost
  16. I Love You, Sandy with Tom Shear
  17. Good Night with Sam Devos
  18. Dreams Are All Faded Away with Julianne Regan

Below you can enjoy the album trailer. The release is out on the Belgian OFF label.


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