Je T’Aime – Je T’Aime (CD Album – Manic Depression Records)

By Nov 30,2019

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Genre/Influences:  Cold-wave, post-punk.

Background/Info: Je T’Aime is a new name active in the cold-wave/post-punk fields. Hailing from Paris the band seems to be inspired by The Smiths –which is an aspect you’ll always find back in the front picture of the album. They last year released the single “The Sound” and have now unleashed their self-titled debut album. Notice by the way the album is also available on vinyl, which has been released by Icy Cold Records.

Content: “Je T’Aime” clearly has this typical 80s flavor, which sounds dark and into melancholia. The tracks are driven by guitar and achieved with electronic arrangements. The sound indeed reflects some elements of The Smiths, but I also have to mention The Cure as possible source of inspiration. Some passages are featuring female backing vocals.

+ + + : One of the most noticeable aspects of the production reminding me to Morrisey (singer of The Smiths) is the vocals. This album brings the 80s back to life, which is not exactly the most original element of the work, but it has been accomplished with passion and devotion. The guitar play is quite important in the global sphere hanging over the opus. There are multiple cool songs featured here, but I’ll tip “Satan’s Bitch” and “Dance”.

– – – : “Je T’Aime” is not exactly an album you gone buy for its originality, but it’s a must have if you’re into 80s cold-wave.

Conclusion: Je T’Aime is a promising newcomer bringing some good-old 80s influences back to life.

Best songs: “Satan’s Bitch”, “Dance”, “The Sound”, “Marry-Go-Round”.

Rate: (8).

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