Introspect Void – Behind The Fallen Monuments Of Time (CD Album – Latex Records)

By Sep 25,2017

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Genre/Influences: EBM, dark-electronics, ambient-electro.

Background/Info: I can’t remember to have ever heard of Introspect Void. This work also is a kind of comeback as it’s the first album in 10 years. So I think we might speak about a resurrection and/or new beginning for the American formation.

Content: I can’t really say that the debut songs are hesitant, but not that easy to define. Quite progressively Introspect Void reveals their real nature, which is into dark-electronics and dense atmospheres. The spooky vocals are the perfect match with this sound. The songs are well-crafted and revealing some sophistication, which comes through in multiple details like numerous effects, dense sound layers and other production tricks.

One of the most surprising songs is the cover version of the bonus song “Send Me An Angel” originally written by Real Life.

+ + + : Introspect Void is not the most accessible band active at the wider fields of EBM. This is not exactly a typical EBM band although several songs are reminding me to early FLA –for the dark atmospheres and some of the arrangements. This work is fully accomplished and I definitely like the complex approach and the haunting ambience accentuated by spooky vocals.

– – – : The main point that hurts is the final mix and maybe mastering. This is an important element, which is purely technical and which doesn’t say anything about the writing skills of a band. It however is a point they have to consider improving on a next work.

Conclusion: Introspect Void is an interesting formation revealing great composition skills, but where some technical elements could have been more convincing.

Best songs: “Decompiled Intellect”, “Progenitor”, “Behind the Veil of Anu (Tenebris)”, “Dissenting Intelligence Transmission”.

Rate: (7).

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