Introspect – Redemption (Album – Introspect)

By Mar 3,2020

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Genre/Influences: Techno-body, body-funk.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: Introspect is a French DIY project. “Redemption” is the project’s second album, which was inspired by the dream of dancing demons. The front cover is meant to illustrate this dream, which has been transposed in ten songs.

Content:  “Redemption” is an album mixing different styles together. The deep, resonating bass lines are somewhere in between EBM and dark-techno music. So there’s a part of EBM and a part of techno music running through the work, but as a surprise you also will hear multiple funky arrangements by guitar and bass. But that’s maybe not a coincidence as Introspect was previously involved as a bass player in black-metal bands… although I have to admit this style is miles away from funk music. You also gone hear multiple space-like sounds and atmospheres, which have something vintage sounding.

We can speak about an instrumental album although you’ll notice a few whispering passages (samplings?). 

+ + + : I didn’t know what to expect from this project, but I was flabbergasted. This is an overwhelming electronic production revealing impressive sound treatments carried by terrific, aggressive and low resonating bass lines. Most of the songs sound like a smack in your face! Just pay attention to “Come Up” and “The Agent” to realize the violence of this electronic composition. The addition of funky arrangements sounds a bit weird, totally unexpected, but simply cool and original. This is the kind of work that might remind me of Komor Kommando, but it even sounds more visionary!

– – – : I think it could be interesting to get some songs with some vocals or spoken samplings, but globally speaking I don’t have real minus points.

Conclusion:  Introspect tends to prove it’s still possible today to compose original and innovative electronic music. This album is brilliant, but it remains a challenge to conquer a wider audience with this hybrid sound.

Best songs: “Come Up”, “The Agent”, “The Flayed Dancer”, “Dance With Me”, “No Turning Back”.

Rate: (8½).



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